The Joshua Foundation was established in 2004 by Chris & Pamela Allan. Joshua Foundation was established to provide support and training to Leaders, Managers, Administrators and the Youth of today. Joshua Foundation addresses two significant points in today’s society. Firstly it recognises that one of the greatest challenges facing leaders; is to replace themselves. Secondly one of the best tests of our leadership is our willingness and ability to train another for our position. Leaders and prominent individuals within Organisations must take every opportunity and make every effort to provide our subordinates, co-workers and indeed students with both professional development and focused training. This will allow them to succeed within their chosen profession or develop as individuals within the traditional education system, therefore being in a position to mentor and become a role model for others.

The Joshua Foundation is predicated upon a sound Ethos and Values system. Joshua Foundation recognises that in today’s society we all face pressures, whether these are from one self; peers or pressures from society to conform. The Joshua Foundation intends to address these pressures particularly those faced by the youth of today through sound advice, life skills training, role modelling, mentoring, team building and leadership training.

Joshua Foundation is an Approved Child Youth & Family Services (CYFS) Organisation.  A member of the Canterbury Youth Workers Collective (CYWC).

Chris holds a Bachelor of Administrative Leadership; UNE, Australia. He is currently completing a Diploma in Adult Education and a Diploma in Youth and Community.

Joshua Foundation delivers a number of focused programmes to Corporate Clients, Colleges and Youth organisations throughout Canterbury.