Welcome to the World of Kayaking.

Sea Kayaking destinations are chosen in accordance with experience, weather and sea conditions. Tours will journey to different areas each day for those interested in multi-day trips. Tour activities are flexible and can be modified or combined to suit specific needs.

Double kayaks are provided and highly encouraged wherever possible. A fleet of singles are also available. Participation of children is subject to overall assessment of conditions and individual capability.

Sea Kayaking provides the participant with a wonderful opportunity to be part of the environment.

This activity is an excellent corporate team building activity which develops confidence, communication skills and teamwork and will allow the team to gain a greater insight into each others strengths and weaknesses whilst building a solid team culture. Sea Kayaking is an excellent activity for School groups; community groups, alternative education programs and corporate groups alike.

You will need to allocate 6 hours to complete a Sea Kayaking venture. As required the Joshua Foundation staff will conduct a number of training sessions in order to provide you with the commensurate skills in order for you to have a safe journey.

To book a Sea Kayaking adventure, simply call us on (+64) 029 4 JOSHUA [029 456-7482]