KFCCThe Burnham Camp Krypton Factor Confidence Course is an invigorating and breath-taking challenge that will push you to your mental, physical and emotional limits. The Confidence Course is a physically demanding 400m course which boasts 20 obstacles from a 9 foot ditch to a 12m high wall with challenging water obstacles in between, culminating with a 60m long flying fox into a splash pool. The course has the ability to challenge all participants irrelevant of fitness and endurance.

The course is an excellent corporate team building activity which develops confidence, communication skills and teamwork and will allow the team to gain a greater insight into each others strengths and weaknesses whilst building a solid team culture. The Confidence Course is an excellent activity for community groups, alternative education programs and corporate groups alike.

You will need to allocate 3 hours to complete the course which includes a shower at the conclusion of the course.

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