The Joshua Foundation Leadership Training is based upon the premise that we are called to serve first, and from servanthood leadership arises.

It must be said that changing minds; moving hearts and inspiring lives requires a deep commitment. Being called to serve as a leader isn’t an easy vocation. It asks you to be fully responsible for others, to consistently and continually demonstrate the highest commitment. Your interests lie in the interests of others, so serve the people who help you make an impact.

At a National & International level organisations have evolved and so have the leadership styles.  Today staff are looking for opportunities to be coached and developed rather than directed and led.  Joshua Foundation will work with your organisation to assess your organisational needs and structure a program to meet your needs.

This training can be structured from 1-3 Days and will be both mentally and physically challenging and will promote morale within the wider team environment. Its focus is upon Character; Courage, Commitment. Integrity & Respect.

Understanding and recognising the Human Dimension within the workplace is critical to success and creating a dynamic team culture.

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